Akira Morgans
Akira Beijing

Akira Beijing

Akira Beijing was a hot little redhead from the get go. She is very talented, athletic and intelligent and always has ambition to spare. Jing coliced as a young horse and had to have surgery and months of stall rest. Once recovered, she went to work and her natural ability shined. I showed her a bit as an English Pleasure horse, but although she had the athleticism for the division it didn’t seem to suit her personality. I changed her to a hunter, where she was able to showcase her fabulous ground eating road trot. We won a few road hack championships and she was always game for new adventures.

Her current owner Erin Critz has found the perfect sport for Jing, eventing! Jing’s ambition is well suited to the challenges of cross country, although I imagine the dressage phase may be a little staid for our favorite hot little mare. I love watching their progress and am thrilled that Jing found someone to channel all her drive in such a positive way.

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