2018 Grand National & World Championship Show

We had an AMAZING time. Highlights include: Wonderful trip with our friends, the costume class, leadline, 2018 WORLD CHAMPION STALLION AKIRA DERRINGER, Reserve National Champion Yearling Filly Akira Embellished, Aranaway Dante with a Reserve World Championship in Dressage, ATMF Exclamation was third in the World Champion Amateur Trail and Rosehaven HC Korver winning the Western Pleasure Amateur Gentlemen’s finals. All in all it was just a wondeful trip.

MHAO Trail Ride

We joined our friends at Stub Stewart state park and took Ace on some trails! We had a great time!

New Horse trailer!

Our long-awaited new trailer was finally ready while we were away at the PNW show. Dustin drove back down to Oregon to pick it up so we could try it out. Next stop, OKC!

2018 PNW

I was pretty remiss about taking photos this year!

2018 C-Fair

We had a great time at C-Fair even though we just brought a couple horses. Rosehaven HC Korver had some great wins in Western Pleasure, Emma Downtown strutted her stuff in harness and Akira Conspiracy Theory showed hunter. Maddie rode Ace for the first time in the youth of the year competition

2018 Oregon Morgan Classic

We had more horses and wins than this, but we were so busy I didn’t get photos of them all. It was a wonderful show with many great memories! Horses all had success and we enjoyed ourselves.

2018 BC Show

We just brought a couple horses up to BC this year but had some great rides.